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A large portion of tourism in Lefkada is made up of fans of sailing sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing or sailing. Lefkada is a famous destination throughout the Mediterranean for these sports. the geographical position and the climate create conditions for practicing various types of sports on land or in the water! These perfect conditions are what put Lefkada on the map in the first place for international tourism!

The beautiful season begins in April, with thousands of colors and scents in spring and a mild temperature, which makes this month and May the ideal season to try the many mountain bike trails on the island.

Throughout the summer the north-west wind blows gently and refreshing on the island, making even the hottest days pleasant. The wind itself is not strong enough to create inconvenience to swimming or sunbathing, but in some specific bays, the bay of Vassiliki and Agios Ioannis, the wind becomes the main element of fun!
In Vassiliki it is possible to practice windsurfing and sailing, with various schools with qualified instructors for beginners and professionals and latest generation equipment.
On the beach of Agios Ioannis, on the other hand, it is possible to practice kitesurfing and windsurfing, with more stable but milder wind conditions.

Throughout the season it is possible to rent kayaks, SUPs and even pedal boats on various beaches to visit the coast. Our beautiful island is full of beaches and water caves that can only be reached by sea!

Are you an adventurer constantly looking for an adrenaline rush? (we can understand you) On the island you will be spoiled for choice! Windsurfing and kitesurfing ensure a great adrenaline rush, as well as paragliding or water skiing, wake boarding or one of the many water sports available!
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This elegant sport combines the technique of sailing with the adrenaline of surfing, creating an adrenaline-pumping cocktail without equal!

Windsurfing is allowed in Vassiliki bay and Agios Ioannis beach. The first is one of the most famous spots in the Mediterranean for this sport. The wind and sea conditions are excellent for beginners and professionals: in the morning, around 10 o’clock, a light breeze blows from the south, perfect for beginners; the sea is very calm and flat, which makes learning the sport easy. The bay is very safe as its horseshoe shaped and the high density of schools, each equipped with life boats and lifeguards, make it almost impossible to create an unpleasant or dangerous situation in water.
In the morning the bay is crowded with beautiful rainbow-colored sails of the sailing or windsurfing classes, to then gives way to the fleet of professionals of all ages.
In the afternoon the wind undergoes a change in direction and intensity thanks to the triggering of a local thermal wind, due to precise and constant but fragile climatic conditions. The direction is west and the average seasonal intensity is 15-20 knots, with impressive days of very strong wind. The schools provide the latest generation of rentable equipment and a usually free rescue service with powerboats.

The bay of Vassiliki is, thanks to these characteristics, considered one of the best spots to learn and progress in windsurfing, due to the constant conditions of light wind and strong thermal, but also thanks to the extreme professionalism and knowledge of the training techniques of the schools located in the bay for more than 15 years.
Windsurfing is a very simple sport to learn, by the end of the first lesson you are already able to stand on the board and sail! It is very intuitive for those who have already some sailing knowledge, but equally simple for those who have never experienced the unique sensation of steering a vessel thanks to the power of the wind.

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This sport is allowed ONLY in the bay of Agios Ioannis or a lot downwind in the bay of Vassiliki, due to the very high density of windsurfers.

In Agios Ioannis there is a kitesurf center and a shop where you can buy top quality equipment!


Experience Lefkada, its sights and its nature on a bike!

It is possible to rent professional mountain bikes in various places on the island, with or without a guide!

The low season such as April/May/June and September/October are the best months to do it thanks to the cool climate and lush nature, especially during spring: the island is reminiscent of a thousand colors and smells, making the natural landscape very different to the usual summer one.

During the summer, e-bikes are also available: electric pedal-assisted mountain bikes that make any hill look easy even with the summer heat!
The routes are endless! Breathtaking views on the panoramic mountain roads, dirt paths that run along the rocky promontories, old roads immersed in pine tree forests and olive groves, romantic sunsets from secret panoramic spots and exclusive itineraries for not so crowded beaches!

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It is also possible to organize your HOLIDAY-ON-SADDLE thanks to one of our partners, a champion of race biking and skilled mountain biker, who will be your personal guide on two wheels during your stay. He will plan with you and show you the most wonderful and secret routes. ! It is possible to rent racing bikes or mountain bikes, transfer by van is also available.


Vassiliki Beach has an excellent international inshore sailing school, called Wildwind, which offers classes and rental of dinghies and catamarans. In some other watersport centers besides windsurfing there are also catamarans for rent.

Lefkada is internationally famous for offshore sailing: the large port of Lefkada with a modern marina is one of the main starting points for sailing cruises in the Ionian islands. Many boat rental agencies have their own base in Lefkada or in the nearby towns Vliho, Nidri, Sivota.
The natural shape of the island, full of bays and islets very close to each other, makes sailing fun and diverse while the regular breezes guarantee a perfect wind for navigation. There are many flotillas that sail in groups the Ionian islands, passing through Lefkada and Meganisi, Itaka, Kefalonia, Kalamos, Kastos.
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In Lefkada scuba diving and snorkeling are also quite popular, there are many interesting diving sites scattered all over the island. The diving centers will be able to give you all the information: they are located on the beaches of Mikinana, Nidri and Vasiliki. They offer both courses for all ages and boat diving or snorkeling in the most beautiful spots. The main destinations are caves, reefs and submerged wrecks both in Lefkada and in the nearby islets of Meganisi and Skorpios.
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Many beaches in Lefkada have places where you can rent kayaks. With the kayak you can explore the cliffs, visit small bays otherwise unreachable, or paddle along the coast to enjoy the Mediterranean landscape.

The riding clubs are located in Vassiliki, in the south of the island, or in the large flat of olive trees behind the main town, Lefkada. In Vassiliki the club offer lessons and rides in the olive groves, in the Mediterranean forest or they will take you to the ancient villages within the Vassiliki flat.
In Lefkada there are many paths among the olive groves, in the Melissa gorge or trough the beautiful villages in the interior of Frini and Tsoukoulades.

Paragliding is practiced over the wonderful beaches of Kathisma and Kalamitsi, starting at high altitude from the mountain over Exanthia and Kalamitsi. Lessons or tandem flight will allow you to have an unforgettable experience and enjoy form above the big blue of Lefkada’s beaches.

The Lefkada Tennis Club in Lefkada town is where you will find local tennis players. Other private courses are available at some hotels.

Amateur football fields are available in Lefkada town (near the game park with inflatables for children) and in Nidri on the way to the falls.