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What better way to enjoy the villages and the mountains of Lefakda than by electric means? Ecological, quiet and very entertaining, you can choose between pedal-assisted electric mountain bikes and electric scooters.
We work with a company based in Vassiliki, specialized in renting electric vehicles and organizing guided bike tours trough various scenic trails on the island. Their equipment is of the latest generation and their knowledge of the island and its routes makes them the absolute best for organizing electric bike excursions suitable for riders of all levels and health.

This new technology makes it easy and fun to venture on any path, from the steepest mountains and coastal roads with breathtaking views on the sunset, to paths immersed in olive groves and Mediterranean forest.
The guides are lovely and professional people, Owner and head guide Sam Green has been working in outdoor education for 10 years primarily instructing in Windsurfing and Mountain Biking. Bringing a wealth of experience and understanding of the island, the sport and how to help you achieve your goals in the safest and most enjoyable way.

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Electric mountain bikes (EMTBs) have revolutionized the world of cycling. A powerful electric motor built into the frame multiplies the cyclist’s effort, which means that people of all ages and fitness can ride with ease and for much longer with an E-bike!
There are various levels of assistance or power (eco, trail and turbo) that you can select depending on the ride and terrain. This means less experienced riders who lack the confidence, strength, or fitness to embark on rides suddenly have a new world of opportunity available to them!
The fleet of electric mountain bikes are new and of the highest quality: latest generation batteries, dual suspension, quality tires and brakes offer the highest levels of fun, control and safety.

The models available are: Whyte. 6-160 mm dual suspension and Whyte E 160 S in sizes Small, Medium and Large.
In addition, 10 electric scooters are available for moving around Vassiliki!

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Our guides have a vast knowledge of the island and will make your experience unique, they will amaze you cycling through beautiful paths among the olive groves and the fragrant Mediterranean forest, panoramic coastal or mountain roads with breathtaking views over the Ionian archipelago, traditional stone villages and suggestive abandoned villages.
There are trails and routes for every level: BEGINNER, MEDIUM and EXPERT.

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